Rexanto Vision


Driving change - technology to transform the pharmacy industry

The historical role of the pharmacist as a care-giver has diminished over the centuries. The Apothecary in the 15th century had gained status of a skilled practitioner, who offered general medical advice and a range of services. Around the 19th century, medical professions took on current institutional forms and the role of the apothecary was more narrowly conceived of as a dispensing chemist. The role narrowed even further with the migration of pharmacological discovery to large pharmaceutical firms. Rexanto's vision is to re-energize the role of the pharmacist as a care-giver within the modern healthcare continuum.


Production outsourcing drives industry transformation

The recent mandate for short-cycle-fills is forcing pharmacies to revisit their production models. Rexanto seizes the opportunity to transition the industry to new computing platforms even as we address production needs. With SaaS platform tools, Rexanto seeks to empower pharmacists as knowledge engineers. The Rexanto SaaS platform will promote professional online collaboration among pharmacists, giving them a safe forum to discuss domain issues amongst their peers. The Rexanto SaaS platform will promote inter-operablity of data amongst disparate software applications and allowing secure access from mobile form factors for the consulting pharmacist who is always on the road. The Rexanto SaaS platform will promote proliferation of healthcare applications for pharmacies, eventually allowing pharmacists to contribute care-giving protocols as applets. These technology driven advancements will translate into disease management and medication therapy management revenues for pharmacists, therefore re-energizing the role of pharmacist back from that of a dispensing chemist to more like that of an apothecary.