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Medicare population

  • Medicare population is both growing and aging
  • 85+ year old population has grown grown from 6.2% (1.2M) in 1966 to 13.2% (4.7M) in 2005
  • Medicare population is living longer
  • Baby boomer inflexion has started
  • Reversal in decline of %of population that are 65-69 started from 2003



US RxMed spend

  • United States spent $287B on prescription medicines in 2007
  • 64% of this is spent on population aged 55+
  • Rexanto's solution is applicable for 18M seniors who accounted for $76B RxMed spend in 2007



Target customers: pharmacies that serve "HiNeeds" seniors

  • 61% of US meds are purchased through LTC pharmacies or retail stores
  • Automated mail order is $45.1B segment well suited for maintenance meds (ie 90Day supplies)
  • Automated B2B is well suited for high volume, highly variable meds (ie 7Day supplies)
  • Rexanto automated B2B (production outsourcing) is applicable for $42B segment
  • Rexanto targets $20B RxMed-spend sold to HiNeeds senior through LTC & independent retail pharmacies

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