Benefits to LTC Pharmacies


Pharmacist Rexanto serves LTC pharmacies and retail pharmacies that serve “HiNeeds” seniors. Our solution is immediately appealing to independent LTC pharmacies that dispense meds in blister packs. LTC pharmacies already operate with tight margins and are faced with the prospect of a looming mandate. With negligible capital outlay, our solution immediately improves LTC Pharmacy EBITDAs by 150-250% for 30Day Rxs. The model seamlessly translates to 7Day fills, and provides an answer to the short-cycle-fill mandate with little or no capital investment on part of the pharmacy.


Savings accrue from:

Reduce cost of goods: With Rexanto, LTC pharmacies can purchase prepacked meds at almost unpackaged prices. Rexanto is able to create these savings directly from a reduction in intermediate bottling and distribution costs for manufacturers. These savings to manufacturers in turn translate into reduced cost of meds for pharmacies. Additionally, since prepacked meds already include the cost of blister packs, LTC pharmacies will cut back on the raw material cost of blister packs themselves.


Reduce labor costs: Using outsourced production, Rexanto customers replace the prepackaging being done internally today. Consider the potential labor savings, if you were able to get already prepackaged solutions at very appealing prices customized to your customers fill patterns. If you are not prepackaging today, call us, and we can lead you through the benefits that other pharmacies have realized by moving to prepacked workflow model. Taking things one step further, Rexanto also offers central fill labeling. Consider how much labor you could save, if all your oral solid refills were received already labeled, ready to ship to your final destination.


Non-Disruptive / Minimal Capital Investment Solutions: Rexanto facilitates purchases that are aligned with source program arrangements at major wholesalers. Call us to explore whether your wholesaler will honor Rexanto med purchases as part of their source program commitments. Rexanto also provides technology at the pharmacy, integrated to existing billing systems, to minimize work load in placing orders. The technology minimizes pharmacy effort to verify accuracy of packaged products, and to verify that received product conforms to what was originally ordered.