Industry benefits


Rexanto’s SaaS platform technology streamlines operating costs for the pharmacy industry; and advances pharmacists’ roles as caregivers in the healthcare continuum. With our innovations, pharmacies improve EBITDA by 150% to 250% without any capital costs. Manufacturers reduce distribution costs and Medicare spends less on prescription meds. Most importantly Rexanto technology results in life-saving and life-enhancing medication models for seniors.


Meds today are manually dispensed in 30 or 90 day bottles. Excess costs in the existing supply chain addressable by Rexanto derive from 3 major cost drivers:

  • $3.6B annually in manual dispense costs at pharmacies ($9.62 - $10.53 per Rx)
  • $3-$6B annual supply chain costs of dispensing drugs from intermediate bottles and smaller inventory sizes, and
  • $4-$6B of annual waste from discarded meds from 30 day bottles (even greater with 90 day bottles)

Rexanto’s technology platform transitions the industry to automated dispensing of 7Day (or 30Day) Blister Packs. The new model is safer for seniors and creates hard cost savings across the prescription drug supply chain. Beneficiaries include consumers, pharmacies, nursing-homes, Medicare and manufacturers. For example:

  • Long Term Care Pharmacies: Already offer meds in 30Day blister packs. After Rexanto’s fees, LTC pharmacies improve EBITDA for current 30Day operations by 150 to 250%. Additionally, with Rexanto’s centralized automation, LTC pharmacies can cost-effectively offer 7Day packs to retail seniors, to increase the target market size for adherence packed services. Rexanto is working with insurance companies to secure added reimbursement for providing LTC services to retail seniors.
  • Seniors: With Rexanto 7Day packs, retail seniors get 7Day meds delivered to their homes, gaining the convenience of mail order service without the overhead of 90 day supplies. Furthermore, 7Day Adherence Packs are a superior alternative to “repacking” meds into weekly pill minders, and help seniors take the right meds at the right time.