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Double pharmacy EBITDA

Double pharmacy EBITDA

Create bottom line impact today by reducing your procurement and labor costs

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Hi-need/Hi-spend seniors

Non adherence to prescribed medications causes nearly 125,000 deaths per year and is the fifth leading cause of death among seniors.


Transforming the Industry

The Apothecary in the 15th century had gained status of a skilled practitioner, who offered general medical advice and a range of services.



Technology Enabling the Pharmacy of the Future


8% of the US population (18 million seniors) consume 26% of US drug spend. The needs of these seniors are not being well met by today's medication network. Infrastructure waste adds $8B to US medication costs. Medications themselves are the fifth leading cause of death among US seniors. Rexanto technology collaborates with and transforms the pharmacy industry to streamline operating costs, to advance the role of pharmacists as knowledge professionals and help seniors with life saving and life enhancing medication protocols.


Rexanto customers are pharmacies serving
"Hi-need"/"Hi-spend" seniors.


Benefits include:

- Double pharmacy EBITDA today through enhanced supply chain

- Less time counting pills, more time providing care

- Ultimately enabling pharmacists as knowledge professionals