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Forty percent of seniors take 5 or more prescription drugs weekly; 12 percent take more than 10. Many also combine their drugs with over-the-counter medications. According to gerontologist Jerry Gurwitz, M.D., drug-related injuries to seniors number at around 2.3 million per year, with 200,000 of them qualifying as dangerous enough to kill.


Adherence is the extent to which patients take medicines as prescribed, in terms of dose and duration. In the United States, 50 to 75 percent of patients do not take their prescription medicines properly. The problem cuts across all disease and treatment categories, and includes outcomes compromising behaviors such as not filling the prescription at all, taking too little of the medication either deliberately or through forgetfulness, and stopping medication use prematurely.


According to study by AARP and the National Alliance of Caregiving, 32M "unpaid caregivers" provide care for to family members that are seniors, and that regularly take medications. About half these caregivers say the person they care for needs someone to oversee or manage taking medicine. Organizing pills into weekly pill-minders are a popular approach to assist seniors with adhering to medication regimens.


Rexanto's solutions are a compelling alternate to weekly pill minders that allow seniors to know both when to take, and whether they have taken their meds. With the right prescription drug plan, these custom labeled blister packs can be delivered to seniors at no added costs.